All items are available to purchase. However, unlike your usual online shop, we do things a little differently.

You can either purchase any specific item you find on the site, or order a totally new one, with any modifications (within reasonable limits) you'd like. 

You can also use already existing items for a reference. For this reason, we keep everything ever created in the Workshop on the site. Items that have been sold are indicated with a         sign.

Due to this system, only the "pre-made" items have fixed prices.

Otherwise, it depends on the requested modifications, materials, etc.

Therefore, every purchase needs to be discussed individually.

To order an item, send us an email, or call the number below.

To describe the item you'd like to purchase, use it's alphanumeric code (4 characters, e.g. AX12 ).

Any requested modifications or details regarding custom items can be discussed via phone, or email exchanges.

Name: Tibor Somlai


Phone: +36 30 231 5801

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Tel: +36 30 231 5801

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